Two mayors get sure win, Months before 2013 polls

Rey Anthony Chiu

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol October 6, 2012 (PIA)—This early, two incumbent mayors in Bohol find themselves virtual winners in the May 2013 elections, their election officers already noting no contenders for their seats which should have been up for grabs.

Sikatuna Mayor Jose Ellorimo and Lila Mayor Reina Salazar run unopposed for the coming elections while 103 more candidates are expected to strategize a winning position as mayors in Bohol’s 77 towns and a city. As of 4:00 PM Saturday, Duero election assistant has not forwarded to the Provincial Election Supervisor the official list of candidates for the town.

And in most unexpected twist, Bohol towns with the smallest voting populations showed more mayoralty aspirants compared to the vote rich towns, data from Bohol Election Supervisor Atty Eliseo Labaria showed.

Bohol’s smallest voting town Corella (Bohol I) has four mayoralty aspirants, including incumbent Nicanor D. Tocmo, Vito B. Rapal, Reynaldo B. Irig and Epifanio Bolando. Corella has only 4,405 voters as of October 2010 polls, according to election assistant Maria Lourdes Cempron.

San Isidro, (Bohol III), the town with the next lowest voting population at 5,614 has incumbent Mayor Jacinto B. Naraga fighting among other contenders: Quirino S. Samuya and Reynaldo M. Loyola.

Other towns with small voting population are Lila at 6,521 and Sikatuna at 4,518.

Meanwhile, Bohol’s towns with the biggest voting population have fewer mayoralty aspirants except Tagbilaran City where the latest reports said four candidates are gunning for the top seat. Fielding their candidacies are Dr. Abe Lim, Atty. Asisclo Gonzaga and John Geesnel Yap. Tagbilaran City election registrar has not incorporated his final report to the PES as of 4:00 PM Saturday.

Tagbilaran City has 47,858 registered voters as of October 2010 elections.

Ubay, with 36,219 registered voters as of October 2010 elections has three candidates gunning for the top seat: Galicano Atup (LP), Danilo Mendez (NP) and Constantino Reyes (NPC).

Talibon, which has 29,842 registered voters has two aspirants:incumbent Restituto Auxtero and Carlito V. Evangelista Sr.

Carmen town, with 26, 815 voters has three top seat contenders: Francisco delos Reyes, Manuel Molina and Ricardo Francisco Toribio.

Tubigon (25,511) has two aspirants including incumbent mayor William R. Jao (LP) and Marlon Amila (NPC).

For Inabanga’s 25,296 voters, two aspirants slug it out including Josephine Socorro C. Jumamoy and Epifanio B. Munesis.

Loon, with 25,057 voters has two aspirants: incumbent Lloyd Peter Lopez (LP) and Analiza O. Go (UNA)

Of the 20,875 registered voters in Dauis, three mayoralty candidates aim for the mayoralty seat: re-electionist Jaime C. Jimenez, Merriam T. Sumaylo and Victorio M. Migrino.

Other hotly contested town seats in Bohols first district are: Antequera with 8288 voters rooting for either incumbent Jose Mario Pahang, Asterio Coquilla and Samuel Rebosura, Baclayon (10,697) with incumbent Alvin Uy, Benecio Uy and Peligrino Ibao.

Panglao (17,964 voters) has three aspirants including incumbent Benedicto Alcala (LP), Leonila Montero (PDP-Laban) and Evangeline Lazaro (UNA).

For district 2, hotly contested seat is in san Miguel with incumbent Claudio Bonior (NPC), Nunila Pinat (PMP) and Manuel T. Gara (LP).

For Bohol’s third district, towns with three mayoralty aspirants include Candijay (17,176) with Sergio Amora III, Rey Amora and Christopher Tutor, Dimiao (9,425) has Florita S. Gamayon, Danilo M. Guevencan and Dennis V. Magtajas.

Other towns and their candidates for Bohol I are: Alburquerque (6070) with incumbent Efren Tungol and Jet Ugduracion, Balilihan (10,030) with incumbent Dominisio Chattto and Mark Leo Monton, Calape (18,437) with incumbent Simplicio Yu and Maximiano Natuel; Catigbian (12,940) with Virgilio Lurot and Aurelio Dinorog, Cortes (9,908) with Danilo L. Montero and Roberto L. Tabanera and Maribojoc (11,348) with incumbent Leoncio Evasco Jr and Jose Veloso.

For Bohol II, Bien Unido (14,008) has incumbent Nino Rey Boniel and Francisco Avenido, Buenavista (17,448) Alfonso del rosario Jr and incumbent Lowell Tirol; Clarin (12,200) with incumbent Allen Ray Piezas and Eugneniano Ibarra; Dagohoy (10,207) with Sofronio C. Apat and Rufina A. Frajele; Danao (10,399) with Jose G. Cepedoza and Natividad R. Gonzaga.

Getafe (17,804) has Casey Shaun Camacho and Manuel Monillas; Carlos P. Garcia (13,659) incumbent Tesalonika Boyboy and Alfonso N. Galo; Sagbayan (13,067) incubent Ricardo L. Suarez and Jimmy Torrefranca, and Trinidad (16,581) Judith Cajes and Consuelo M. Garcia.

For Bohol III, Alicia (13,112) has incumbent Marnilou Ayuban and Baslilio Balahay Jr., Anda (10,273) with incumbent Paulino Amper and Metodio Amper; Batuan (8,092) with incumbent Francisco Pepito and Sixto Dano, Bilar (10,480) with incumbent Norman Palacio and Corazon Galbreath; Garcia-Hernandez (13,063) with incumbent Miguelito Galendez and Tita Gallentes, Guindulman (18,638) with incumbent Maria Fe Piezas and Edgar L. Sarabosing; Jagna (19,074) with incumbent Fortunato Abrenilla and Exuperio Lloren.

Loay (11,102) With incumbent Rosemarie Imboy and Tiburcio Bullecer; Loboc (10,008) has Helen C. Alaba and Luisito Digal; Mabini (14,986) with incumbent Esther Tabigue and Sancho B. Bernales; Pilar (14,645) Wilfredo Bernante and Necitas Cubrado; Sevilla (6557) incumbent Ernesita Digal and Juliet Dano; Sierra Bullones (13,917) with Rainfredo Buslon and Simplicio Maestrado and Valencia (14,731) Maria Katrina Lim and Benjamin Gamalo. (30/)

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