Youth group indicts Jane Censoria Cajes for graft

SK graft

FOR LACK of transparency in her financial dealings and for flaunting her wealth, SK national president Jane Censoria Cajes is facing graft charges before the Office of the Ombudsman-Visayas in Cebu City.

The complainant, Junior Graftwatch Cebu Unit filed the complaint against Cajes last April 23.

Jane Censoria Cajes is the daughter of Rev. Fr. Roberto “Ondoy” Cajes of the 2nd district of Bohol and Trinidad Mayor Judith del Rosario Lao.

In their charge sheet, the complainant claimed that in 2008 during the 2008 SK national congress, Cajes received 10 million pesos from President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Up to the present, the complainant said, Jane Censoria Cajes has failed to account to the SK national executive board the money she received from the president.

Moreover, the respondent allegedly overpriced the registration fee of the SK national congress in Cebu and in Subic.

In the 2008 SK national congress at Waterfront Lahug in Cebu City, the registration fee was a whopping P8,500 per participant. The following year in 2009, the registration fee for the SK national congress in Subic was also a whopping P9,500 per participant.

In the history of the SK, the registration fees for the 2008 and 2009 SK national congress were the highest so far, the Junior Graftwacht said.

The Junior Graftwatch said that the DBM only allows a maximum of 1,200 registration fee for conferences and congresses.

And in a span of 2 years as SK national president, Jane Censoria Cajes bought 2 luxury sports utility vehicles (SUV) – a Nissan Patrol and an Isuzu Alterra.

The existence of the Nissan Patrol was discovered, the Junior Graftwatch said, when her father Rev. Fr. Ondoy Cajes met an accident on December 30, 2010 in barangay Oy, Loboc and the vehicle was heavily damaged.

Police records said the Nissan Patrol was registered in the name of Jane Censoria Cajes.

The complainant also claimed that Cajes uses the Isuzu Alterra in Manila.

Meanwhile, SK National Federation consultant Manuel Ferdinand de Erio said they have “yet to confirm” the veracity of the complaint, said to be circulated by an anonymous individual and called the complaint “technically faulty.”

“It does not have signatures and it is not duly notarized, hence the true identity of the alleged complainant is yet to be identified,” de Erio said.

On transparency, de Erio said that a Financial Statement Report was presented during the Sangguniang Kabataan National Executive Board meeting last March 26-27, 2010 at Bayview Hotel, Manila.

Citing DILG Memorndum circulars, de Erio said that the collection of registration fee is allowed under the law, hence there’s no overpayment of registration fees.

“Compared to other leagues, the SK has a justifiable registration considering the content and venue of their activities,” he said.

De Erio also said Cajes does not own the Isuzu Alterra but admitted that she has in her name the Nissan Patrol, by which she is already the 4th owner.

She paid it monthly from her salary, de Erio said.

On the issue of lavish lifestyle, de Erio said Cajes is earning; she receives a justifiable monthly salary, which she spends for her studies and her own personal expenses.

He also said there is no truth that Cajes spend thousands of pesos at Vicky Belo medical clinic because she only goes there for Facial, to treat pimple breakouts due to oily skin and stress from work and school.

But de Erio admits she received expensive gifts and they are from her suitors and from her ex-boyfriend who is a businessman and a son of an Ilocos Sur politician.

In addition, de Erio said she does not think there is something wrong in that aspect because she is single. (with reports from Ric Obedencio)

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  1. i’m an sk and it’s so sad to read this read this article..nakakawala ng gana…but I don’t judge..All I can say is that may the truth prevail..

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